Born in Washington D.C. in the fall of 1978, members Paul (H.R.) Hudson (Voice) his brother Earl (Drums)Gary (Dr.Know) Miller (Guitar) and Darryl Jenifer (Bass), came together like the Ninja Turtles, when they were exposed to a suspicious green goo while working at various research centers throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, eventually Bad Brains were banned in D.C.

Stay tune for the full details. It’s a unsung story you won’t believe!

Photo by Frank Okenfeld

4 thoughts on “The BAD BRAINS?

  1. Praise, I come from Serbia, I know about and listen to Bad Brains for almost 3 years now, I read a lot of hateful comments on youtube and other sites, hateful toward H.R., I just want to say that I feel bad about that and I think that people are maybe trying to be more ‘punk’ that way, by saying that gig sucked becasue of the ‘retarded H.R. which stood there like a statue’ and such, I feel bad for those people, I feel that way because I feel that there is no room for hate in HR’s heart, some people progress and shockingly change throughout the years, and so did HR, perhaps in a good way, known to him, and not in a bad way most of ‘the so called fans’ think, HR is a great man and so are you all, BAD BRAINS ROCK and that’s forever, just like God, your presence is felt, you brought something special into punk, something mystic and wonderful, thank you for everything, really, thank you for helping me discover many things and helping me discover myself, you truly are the greatest! Peace, brothers and best regards from Serbia!